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A Single API Solution for Data, Trading & Analytics across Crypto Markets

CIS API provides access to our Unified Web API and websocket services:

  • CIS RealTime
    Access normalised exchange, aggregated and index data over our real time websocket service.
  • CIS Data API
    Access news, reference data, timeseries data & searchable content.
  • CIS Trading API
    Control access / connectivity to your exchange accounts. Submit & manage orders across multiple exchanges through asingle, unified API.
  • CIS Portfolios API
    Create, Manage & Monitor portfolio's using your offline &connected exchange accounts.
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Easily navigate the markets and discover actionable prices

CIS RealTime

  • Low-latency, full tick, normalized data for major cryptoexchanges
  • Live aggregated data (CISAGG universe)
  • Live Cross Calculated Universe (CISCALC universe)
  • Live Index Data (CISIDX Universe)


Access live crypto market data through a single real time feed with ease.

Our multi-location cloud architecture allows us to deliver low-latency exchange data through a single consolidated feed.

No need to manage codebases or servers for multiple exchanges - CIS RealTime will satisfy your live market data needs through a single consolidated feed.

A Wholistic View of Crypto Assets


Harness the power of our data API to power your systems &applications.

Timeseries: Extensive Timeseries data (tick, intraday & interday)across multiple exchanges & aggregated / calculated datasets.Includes customisable Technical Indicator calcs.

News:  Access our extensive News archive including our AI-drivensentiment via search and aggregation calls.

Digital Assets:  Aggregated & Calculated digitial asset pricing data,our proprietary taxonomy all bundled into a set of endpoints tomake it simple to search for and access digital asset information,pricing & performance data.

Indices: Access index information, constituents & constituenthistory.

Exchange Data: Access reference data for exchange traded pairs& instruments. Powerful search tools allow you to find and comparedata across multiple exchanges instantly.

These are just examples of the data & features. Get a free trial to test out the full offering

CIS Trader
CIS Trader
Coin Markets Comparison
CIS Trader
Coin Sentiment
Coin Sentiment

Track the market across multiple exchanges

CIS Trading API

Don't waste time dealing with the different exchange's API's andconnections. Our Unified Trading API gives you a single API to workwith but let's you access multiple exchanges

  • Manage Exchange Connections
    Securely store your exchange accounts API keys with us to getstarted using our trading API
  • Submit & Manage Orders
    A single endpoint allows you to Create an order across any of yourconnected exchange accounts. Additional endpoints are availablethat allow you to view open orders and cancel an order.
  • Balance Info
    Access your current balances for connected exchange accounts.

Track the Performance of Multiple Exchange Accounts

CIS Portfolio API

Utilise our powerful portfolio data and features to track both offline and exchange accounts holdings. Combined accounts to a single portfolio to generate performance analytics across holdings of multiple accounts.

  • Holdings & Performance
    We pull your exchange accounts historical trades & transfers and keep the data synched so we can calculate daily holdings and value history as well as performance analytics
  • Trade & Transfer History
    Search & view trade and transfer activity for each of your connected exchange accounts.
  • File upload / Download
    Easily upload or extract data for your manual accounts. For example, if you have several csv files downloaded from an exchange you can upload them via the portfolio system and we'll update them to the portfolios system.

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