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CIS Digital Asset Data API

CIS API provides access to our Unified Web API and websocket services:


  • Exchange Data Coverage elaborates which exchanges are covered in our data offering and the level of coverage from real time, historical and search & reference data perspectives.
  • Crypto Index Series Calculated Universe (CISCALC) provides information about calculated spot universe for each supported digital asset across multiple (25) valuation currencies.
  • Crypto Index Series Aggregated Universe (CISAGG) provides a real time and historical data set with aggregated price and volume data from supported digital asset exchanges.
  • Crypto Index Series FX Universe (CISFX) provides a real time and historical data set for traditional fiat FX rates derived from CISAGG data.

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CIS RealTime

  • Low-latency, full tick, normalized data for major cryptoexchanges
  • Live aggregated data (CISAGG universe)
  • Live Cross Calculated Universe (CISCALC universe)
  • Live Index Data (CISIDX Universe)


Access live crypto market data through a single real time feed with ease.

Our multi-location cloud architecture allows us to deliver low-latency exchange data through a single consolidated feed.

No need to manage codebases or servers for multiple exchanges - CIS RealTime will satisfy your live market data needs through a single consolidated feed.

A Wholistic View of Crypto Assets


Harness the power of our data API to power your systems &applications.

Timeseries: Extensive Timeseries data (tick, intraday & interday)across multiple exchanges & aggregated / calculated datasets including customisable technical indicator calculations.

Digital Assets:  Aggregated & Calculated digitial asset pricing data,our proprietary taxonomy all bundled into a set of endpoints to make it simple to search for and access digital asset information, pricing & performance data.

Exchange Data: Access reference data for exchange traded pairs& instruments. Powerful search tools allow you to find and compare data across multiple exchanges instantly.

These are just examples of the data & features. Get a free trial to test out the full offering

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