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Tenity & Crypto Index Series have teamed up to provide Tenity Portfolio companies access to

CryptoIndexSeries Digital Asset Data API & Real-Time Feeds at a discounted rate.

CIS Digital Asset Data API

Our service provides you access to our Low-Latency Real-Time data feed plus a Restful API service

Data & Content Includes...
  • Exchange Data - over 30 top digital asset exchanges with normalized real time & historical datasets.
  • Crypto Index Series Calculated Universe (CISCALC) - Our calculated reference price universe for each supported digital asset across multiple (25) valuation currencies.
  • Crypto Index Series Aggregated Universe (CISAGG) - Aggregated price and volume data for traded pairs accross all supported digital asset exchanges.
  • Crypto Index Series Index Universe (CISIDX) - Our proprietary index data consisting of baskets of digital assets, e.g. CIS BIG 10 Index
  • Crypto Index Series FX Universe (CISFX) - provides a real time and historical data set for traditional fiat FX rates derived from CISAGG data.
  • News & News Sentiment - Access the latest & historical news content with AI driven sentiment scores.
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