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CryptoIndexSeries provides institutional-grade data, tools, analytics and trading features for Crypto Markets. CryptoIndexSeries’ proprietary Crypto Asset Taxonomy, News Sentiment Analysis, Sectoral Analysis, Social Media Analysis and Proprietary Indices support traders as well as asset & fund managers to perform a wholistic analysis of the complete crypto market.

Our experience in Fintech products, knowledge in Crypto Markets and expertise over many decades make us the leading provider for institutional-grade, highly compliant, standardised, normalised, analysable and comparable data.

Projesium Ltd focuses on Crypto-Fintech products and aims to serve its customers with CryptoIndexSeries, CIS Trader, CIS API and other relevant products listed under products & services.

We're making crypto market data better!

Our mission is to provide the highest quality, timeliest and most compelling data & content
for anyone investing or trading in the global crypto markets


Providing high quality and trustworthy data is in our DNA. We only take data from trustworthy sources, aggregate and enrich and provide to you.


We're continually creating unique & compelling datasets & content. Market Indices, sector analytics, AI driven taxonomies & sentiment analysis are some examples of what you can find with Crypto Index Series.


Our real time feeds provide constant live price and news updates to our users. Utilise our real time alerts and never miss important market event's and news.


We utilise AI methods to analyse and generate generate data such as our proprietary taxonomy, our business classifications as well as analysing news in real time to gauge market snetiment.

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