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Fintech Firms


Fintech Firms may already have data & analytics products in the Traditional Financial sector. These products may be offered in the context of forex, equities, bonds, derivative markets. 

For Fintech firms to be able to offer digital asset services to their customer base and grow their retention rate through new products & services, they need to integrate this new asset class. For this, they need institutional-grade data and analytics. 

Additionally, in order to provide effective risk management tools, effective portfolio management systems are also required, where institutions are able to create digital assets portfolios, and manage and monitor them at all times. The current challenge in the digital markets space is that, very few service providers(if any) can provide a bundled access to real-time and searchable data, trading venues and portfolio analytics tools for digital assets.

CryptoIndexSeries API solutions provide fintech firms with effective and easy-to-integrate API solutions so that they can integrate digital assets into their products and services to meet their customers increasing demands in accessing this new asset class.


Data Feed for Your Products

Data Feed for Your Products

Cryptocurrency markets with historical datasets cleansed and optimised to simply integrate into your own products

Fair Market Value Pricing

Utilise Fair Market Value Pricing for portfolio valuation, historical comparison and benchmark products you may want to offer.

Advanced Portfolio Analytics

Offer Advanced Portfolio Analytics to your customers for their digital asset holdings



Build your own indices, indicators, or simply visualise your benchmarks using normalised data feeds from 30+ exchanges.


Holistic View of Customer Holdings

Provide a service to your customer base to automatically generate the balances & balance history of your customers' wallets and show a holistic view of assets & holdings.

News Sentiment Analysis

Create Market sentiments by analysing social media statistics and the news from 40+ news sources: tagged, classified and scored by our in-house AI waiting for your magical touch.

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