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Crypto Native Businesses


Each crypto-native business has a specific problem to solve and varying requirements. 

Financial Data Oracles require institutional-grade data (tradebook, orderbook data) and need to onboard several data providers to ensure the smooth operation of their magic. 

The partners of Custody Providers such as accredited investors, HNWIs and institutions all expect to have a way to monitor their own or their customers’ digital assets held in their accounts. Expectations also include being able to view the balance information for various wallets, total valuation of their portfolios in a desired fiat currency, performance related data, PnL information, cost basis analysis, asset allocation breakdowns and so on.

Recently, Crypto Exchanges started reporting their Proof Of Reserves (PoR) which requires transaction collection from various hot / cold wallets and proper consolidation and valuation of assets across multiple fiat currencies.

Moreover, as digital assets are becoming more mainstream there is now a demand for reporting facilities to simplify regulatory requirements & obligations and even tax reporting, hence there is a need for account consolidation and further analytics.

For any crypto-native business, creating these capabilities in-house require qualified resources, time and money as well as domain knowledge both in crypto markets and financial markets. Not being able to offer these services timely to the current or potential client base would also introduce loss of opportunity and even loss of revenue for institutions.

CryptoIndexSeries API solutions provide institutions with effective and easy-to-integrate APIs to satisfy their partner's expectations & requirements.


Fair Market Value Pricing

Utilise Fair Market Value Pricing for data oracles, portfolio valuation, historical comparison and benchmark calculations.


Tracking and Reporting of Assets under Custody (TRAC)

Automatically collect transactions from all your customer wallets & accounts and generate portfolio analytics per customer, relationship manager.

Proof of Reserves (PoR)

Publish your PoRs by automatically collecting your balances from cold wallets & exchange accounts. You can even designate reserves to each user and allow your users to view this information.

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