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Market and Sector Indices for Digital Asset Markets

CIS Proprietary Indices

The CryptoIndexSeries Index universe (CISCIDX) provides a real time and historical data set for our proprietary index data.

This data set differs from CISAGG & CISCALC as it provides an index for a basket of digital assets.

Currently, at CryptoIndexSeries, we hold the following indices and have the know-how to create others.

Index Name Index Description
CISBIG10 Crypto Index Series Big 10 Index
CISBIG25 Crypto Index Series Big 25 Index
CISBIG50 Crypto Index Series Big 50 Index
CISBIG10xBTC Crypto Index Series Big 10 Index excluding BTC
CISBIG25xBTC  Crypto Index Series Big 25 Index excluding BTC
CISBIG50xBTC  Crypto Index Series Big 50 Index excluding BTC
CISFINBIG50 Crypto Index Series Finance Big 50 Index
CISTEC50BIG50 Crypto Index Series Technology Big 50 Index
CISENTBIG50 Crypto Index Series Entertainment Big 50 Index



The CISIDX universe serves multiple use cases:

  • Provides a reliable & transparent benchmark for digital asset markets & sectors.
  • Acts as a model portfolio when customised based on the chosen assets
  • Supports the analysis of assets in a given sector


Need more information?

Historical Constituents & Weightings data is also available through our API for each index.

You can find more information about the methodology for each index here.

For more information about our proprietary indices, their real-time and historical coverage, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Interested in learning more about CIS Proprietary Indices?

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