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Digital Asset Transaction Collection made simple for Institutions


  • A simple to integrate, professional transaction collection service for digital assets.
  • Automatically collect transactions from tens of Blockchain and Exchange wallets
  • Simple set-up process so that you can start providing your Crypto Offering tomorrow


  • Full history of all your customers' wallet transactions
  • Provide monthly customised reports to your customers 
  • Input for in-house AML compliance
  • Simply enter the wallet addresses for Blockchain wallets and API Keys for exchange accounts
  • You can set the synching frequency
  • Admin views are available for internal use
  • Use your own pricing or leverage CryptoIndexSeries' vast Digital Asset Valuation & Pricing service for Portfolio Valuation

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CIS TRAC API is an API service that allows for the retrieval & storage of balance and transaction history for any number of wallets across multiple blockchains and centralised exchanges. With TRAC API,  it is possible to do the following tasks:

  • Add any number of wallets 
  • Fetch the current balance for all assets in the wallet
  • Create a job to build / synchronise transaction history (the data is stored for later use)
  • Access stored transaction history
  • Access data in raw and normalised format


Connected Blockchain Wallets

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