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CIS News Sentiment API

  • Fully searchable news history
  • News scores for quick navigation
  • Sentiment Analysis of all news content in real-time 
  • Historical News Sentiment Analysis
  • Daily news analytics per crypto asset

Intelligence made in-house to support your decision-making process

Crypto News Intelligence


CryptoIndexSeries aggregates news from 40+ Crypto News sources.

  • Content is normalised for you.
  • The news universe is classified.
  • Each news article is tagged based on their classification in the universe.
  • We generate AI-driven sentiment scoring for each article.
  • We allow full text searches, filtering and aggregation.

The CIS News Sentiment API provides access to the news database allowing powerful search / screening / aggregation of news content which can be used in user apps, trading apps and algo systems.

Crypto News Classifications

Our API provides useful functionality to search & query the entire news archive.

It is possible to query news by any of the supported tags, we tag news articles with the following types:

  • Coin - Any digital assets referenced in the article get tagged
  • Exchange - Any exchanges referenced in the article will be tagged
  • Geography - Any reference to a country, region, continent is tagged
  • Other - We also tag other relevant categories such as Mining, Regulatory, ICO, Trading etc…

It is also possible to run aggregation queries to generate a count of news articles per day / week / month including a count of positive / negative articles for the time bucket.

Using this powerful querying capability allows users to create meaningful analysis of the state of the market.


Trained AI to maximise your returns

Crypto News Sentiment Analysis


CryptoIndexSeries has trained an Artificial Intelligence (AI) system to generate sentiment scores for every news article collected.

Each news article will have 3 scores:

Title – a sentiment score for the articles title only
Summary – a sentiment score for the articles summary
Content - a sentiment score for the articles entire content

Sentiment scores range from -100 (most negative) to +100 (most positive).

Interested in learning more about CIS News Sentiment Analysis?

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