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Taxonomy of Cryptocurrencies 

Taxonomy of Cryptocurrencies 

Taxonomy of Cryptocurrencies 

The investment potential of cryptocurrencies reaches different peak points every day and as of August 2020, it covers 6.000 different currency types and 100 billion Dollar transaction volume as daily basis1 The boundaries of this new era is unpredictable! Everybody can create, issue, and then trade its own cryptocurrency. All these financial miracles are possible on Decentralised Finance and Blockchain!  

One of main components in cryptocurrency market is a never-ending innovation which brings disruptive technologies beside. Today’s opportunities can be tomorrow’s financial disasters or vice versa. Against all undefined points, there are many pivot stones for guiding investors within itself and taxonomy is a strong one of these sources. 

With all its beneficiaries come along, taxonomy is a necessity among today cryptocurrency markets. With its holistic view, it brings a correct view which is shaped with investors’ risk appetite, make more visible main types and sub-types of cryptocurrencies. With categorizing thousands of cryptocurrencies according to their basis features, you will clarify their groups which they belong to, their sectors where they stand and many other indicators which will make cryptocurrency world clearer for investors and analysers. With its unique taxonomic algorithm, as a highly effective platform, CryptoIndexSeriesTM will respond all your needs for a healthy investment decision. 

CryptoIndexSeriesTM searches all cryptocurrency market with its algorithm which is run by a newly developed artificial intelligence software. All sources; like whitepapers, market traces, news portals and so on; are controlled automatically and melted in the unique algorithm behind CryptoIndexSeriesTM.   

The taxonomic analysis of CryptoIndexSeriesTM is enhanced with above analysis and provide more details about four main components of cryptoassets: 

  • Technical specifications, 
  • Financial and regulatory blueprints, 
  • Aspects of token economy,  
  • Details of business models. 

After recognizing these four components, you will find detailed answers for below and more questions which make your analysis even more competent: 

  • In which industries have cryptocurrencies operations? 
  • With which type of assets will they participate in? 
  • Which technical qualifications have they? Which technical developments will have clear effect on correlation between price and performance? 
  • Are money transfers handled in entirely or particularly encrypted platforms? 
  • Are there any taxation practices according to different classes of cryptocurrencies?  
  • Can cryptocurrencies be mined or destroyed? 
  • Are cryptocurrencies stabile? Is there any collateral mechanism between price and asset type within cryptocurrency ecosystem?    

Besides main classification, CryptoIndexSeriesTM have many sub classifications which support your analyses and investment decisions. The behind algorithm is being fed intravenously and updated with current dynamics within cryptocurrency markets.      

We also analyse different components of “Cryptocurrency Taxonomy” in following articles. For any further questions, please reach us via or visit our CryptoIndexSeriesTM Platform for better analysis of the crypto market space.       

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