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Trend Alert! Basic Attention Token

Trend Alert! Basic Attention Token

Trend Alert! Basic Attention Token

Basic Attention Token (BAT) is an Ethereum-based token integrated into Brave, a privacy-focused web browser. The company was founded in 2015 by Brian Bondy and Mozilla co-founder and JavaScript creator Brendan Eich. The token was launched in 2017 and targeted improving security, fairness, and efficiency of digital advertising in the crypto assets market through the use of blockchain technology. The business plan is mainly built on distributing advertising money among advertisers, publishers, and readers of online marketing content, ads, and other components of digital media. The founder team defined basic attention metrics for improving the efficiency of digital advertising on a new platform with new a unit of exchanges. First, they created a new browser and then created a new coin!  

BAT is the native token for decentralizing ad exchange on the Brave browser, an open-source, privacy-centered browser designed to block trackers, invasive cookies, and malwares. It utilizes blockchain technology to anonymously and securely track user attention, which translates into rewards for publishers. The token is based on open source blockchain-based distributed computing platform Ethereum technology with smart contracts. Brave is more than a browser for BAT. It defends customer’s data on devices and synchronizes personal and private browsing profiles across devices using client-side encryption. Furthermore, Brave cuts out all third-party trackers and middle-players, eliminating data leakage, malware risk, and excessive fee-taking. It provides a much richer data set for understanding what the individual user is interested in and contains opt-in and transparent machine learning algorithms for assessing user interests.

In the ecosystem, advertisers give publishers BATs based on the measured attention of users. Users also receive some BATs for participating. Transparent background of BAT keeps user data private while delivering fewer but more relevant ads. Within this concept, publishers experience less fraud while increasing their percentage of rewards and advertisers get better reporting and performance.

The creator team would like to raise 24 million Dollar  with a minimum 5 million Dollar range. It has a different price strategy as well. BAT has a fixed ratio to ETH. This may vary slightly with ETH volatility. The exchange rate generally realizes 6400 BAT per ETH. As of the end of March, the coin is priced as 1.11 Dollar with 1.64 billion market cap. The creator team limits the maximum supply with 1,5 billion coins and there are 1,49 billion coins circulating supply.  


Every new type of coin in crypto markets opens new insights and puts a new perspective in front of investors. Let’s wait and see which will be the main player of this limitless investment environment. We will touch on more points about the following steps of disruptive players in the cryptocurrency markets in the following articles. For any further questions, please reach us via or visit our CryptoIndexSeriesTM Platform for a better analysis of the crypto market space.     

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