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CIS Gazette 16/August/2021 A summary of the weeks news & events in the Crypto / Blockchain world



10 - 16 August 2021

Positive News of the Week

16.08.21 Korean internet giant Kakao expands blockchain presence to Singapore (CIS Sentiment: 84%)

16.08.21 Dogecoin Price Captures 24 Hour Double-Digit Gains Following Social Media Hype (CIS Sentiment: 85%)

15.08.21 Stellar price analysis: Bullish momentum pushes XLM past $0.37 barrier (CIS Sentiment: 89%)

15.08.21 Ripple (XRP) Explodes 60% Weekly, Surpassing $1.3: Bitcoin at $46K (Market Watch) (CIS Sentiment: 83%)

15.08.21 ‘Wolf of All Streets’ Trader Expects Bitcoin to Surpass $100K Within 6 to 12 Months (CIS Sentiment: 83%)

15.08.21 Swiss Fintech Firm Leonteq Expands Cryptocurrency Services to Germany and Austria (CIS Sentiment: 81%)

14.08.21 Bitcoin’s off-chain data points to more upward momentum for BTC price (CIS Sentiment: 91%)

13.08.21 Southeast Asia’s Largest Bank DBS Expands Crypto Business to Meet ‘Growing Demand’ (CIS Sentiment: 91%)

12.08.21 The Bank of Ghana is partnering with the German currency technology provider G+D to trial its CBDC.  (CIS Sentiment: 86%)

11.08.21 Ethereum Takes The Lead, How It Beat Bitcoin For The First Time In This Metric (CIS Sentiment: 81%)

10.08.21 South Korean banks with crypto patnerships report huge profits for Q2 2021 (CIS Sentiment: 87%)

Negative News of the Week

16.08.21 Poly Network Hacked, Loses $610 Million in Crypto Funds Only to Get Half of It Back (CIS Sentiment: -67%)

15.08.21 Ukraine Shuts Down Illegal Cryptocurrency Platforms (CIS Sentiment: -80%)

14.08.21 Chainlink price analysis: Sharp fall in LINK price to $26.8 – Bulls await correction (CIS Sentiment:       -90%)

14.08.21 XRP chart triggers sell-off warning after price explodes by 54% in one week (CIS Sentiment: -85%)

13.08.21 Rep. Patrick McHenry says SEC’s latest move on crypto will hurt American innovation. (CIS Sentiment:       -90%)

12.08.21 DAO Maker Hacked: Project Reports No ‘Detrimental’ Damages Despite 5,251 Affected Users (CIS Sentiment: -92%)

11.08.21 Covid-19 Restrictions and Forex Shortages Hit PriceSmart Sales (CIS Sentiment: -81%)

10.08.21 Venezuelan Authorities Shut Down Power Supply to Bitcoin Miners in Key State (CIS Sentiment: -88%)


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