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CIS Gazette 12/July/2021 A summary of the weeks news & events in the Crypto / Blockchain world



6 July - 12 July 2021

Positive News of the Week

12.07.21 Cake Price Analysis: Pancakeswap sprints to top 5 weekly performing altcoins after 10 percent gain (CIS Sentiment: 86%)

12.07.21 Shiba Inu frenzy: ShibaSwap TVL surges to record $1.56 billion in two days (CIS Sentiment: 92%)

11.07.21 82% of Institutional Crypto Investors Expect to Increase Market Exposure (Survey) (CIS Sentiment: 85%)

11.07.21 Blockchain can help publishers improve audience trust (CIS Sentiment: 85%)

10.07.21 New Dogecoin (DOGE) update has this key ‘merit,’ says Elon Musk (CIS Sentiment: 84%)

09.06.21 123-Year-Old Hydroelectric Plant Sees New Life Mining Bitcoin — Revenue 3x Higher Than Selling to the Grid (CIS Sentiment: 80%)

09.07.21 Ethereum Will Significantly Outperform Bitcoin Due to Series of Impending Upgrades, Predicts Crypto Trader Tyler Swope (CIS Sentiment: 90%)

08.07.21 Cryptocurrency Card Usage Increased Significantly in H1 2021, Says Visa (CIS Sentiment: 93%)

07.07.21 Bitcoin miner revenue jumps by 50% in 4 days since record difficulty drop (CIS Sentiment: 90%)

06.07.21 Synthetix Up 26%, Leading Double-Digit Gains for DeFi Tokens (CIS Sentiment: 90%)

Negative News of the Week

12.07.21 Cryptocurrency AUM of Grayscale Dips below $30 Billion (CIS Sentiment: -80%)

12.07.21 Bitcoin price analysis: BTC established a lower high at $34,500, targets $31,000 next? (CIS Sentiment: -78%)

11.07.21 ChainSwap Exploit Leads to Multi-Million Loss For DeFi Tokens (CIS Sentiment: -94%)

11.07.21 Bitcoin (BTC) Sentiment Remains Negative, Nears 3-year Lows (CIS Sentiment: -94%)

10.07.21 Bitcoin Futures Funding Rates Are Negative After May’s Crash: The Longest Period Since March 2020 (CIS Sentiment: -92%)

09.07.21 After Barclays, Santander Bank Blocks Payments to Binance in UK Citing Customer Protection (CIS Sentiment: -93%)

08.06.21 TA: Bitcoin Fails Again, Why BTC Remains At Risk of Sharp Decline (CIS Sentiment: -90%)

07.07.21 Pundits say Bitcoin’s brutal quarter could see Tesla report up to a $100M loss for Q2 (CIS Sentiment: -92%)

06.07.21 Analyst: Bitcoin Unable to Make New Highs in 80 Days Signals a Bear Market (CIS Sentiment: -91%)



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