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CIS Gazette 31/May/2021 A summary of the weeks news & events in the Crypto / Blockchain world



25-31 May 2021

Positive News of the Week

31 May 2021 Bitcoin Will Survive Environmental Concerns, Says Iris Energy (CIS Sentiment: 82%)

30 May 2021 Bitcoin Will Surge 500% This Year As Tsunami of Cash Comes Back to Crypto, Says BTC Firebrand Max Keiser (CIS Sentiment: 91%)

30 May 2021 Litecoin miners are seeing a 5x increase in this, thanks to Dogecoin! (CIS Sentiment: 91%)

30 May 2021 As market slumps, Ren bolsters DeFi liquidity via Fantom, Polygon integrations (CIS Sentiment: 92%)

28 May 2021 ‘Bitcoin will be able to rally towards the $44,000 region' IF it meets these criteria
(CIS Sentiment: 93%)

28 May 2021 Bitcoin Cash Analysis: Bulls Aim Fresh Increase above $850 (CIS Sentiment: 90%)

26 May 2021 Crypto M&A Surges as Integration With Traditional Finance Systems Gains Momentum (CIS Sentiment: 90%)

26 May 2021 MATIC is up by 123x YTD, Inches Closer to the Top 10 on Coinmarketcap (CIS Sentiment: 90%)

26 May 2021 Second Annual Report by EIU Commissioned by Shows Growing Acceptance of Digital Currencies Amid COVID-19 Pandemic (CIS Sentiment: 91%)

26 May 2021 BTCV , ESE Entertainment partnership boosts crypto presence in esports (CIS Sentiment: 91%)

Negative News of the Week

31 May 2021 Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Falls by 16% as Chinese Government Intensifies Crackdown on Crypto Activities

30 May 2021 Dogecoin’s Daily Transaction Value Drops by 90% From ATH of $82.54B (CIS Sentiment: -94%)

30 May 2021 Down 10% In One Day, Ethereum Exchange Inflows Skyrocket (CIS Sentiment: -94%)

29 May 2021 BurgerSwap Flash Loan Exploit Leaves $7.2 Million in Losses of Stolen Ether, BNB, and More (CIS Sentiment: -93%)

28 May 2021 XRP lawsuit update: SEC claims Ripple's 'fair notice' defense fails 'as matter of law' (CIS Sentiment: -90%)

28 May 2021 Chia Network’s XCH Price Slumps as Mining Activities ‘Destroyed’ Hard Disc Supply Chains (CIS Sentiment: -91%)

28 May 2021 Bitcoin Slips Below $37K as Market Cap Loses $100 Billion in a Day (Market Watch) (CIS Sentiment: -92%)

28 May 2021 Grayscale reports a dip in the total value of its cryptocurrencies under management. (CIS Sentiment: -95%)

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