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Dent Token aiming to liberate mobile data market!

Dent Token aiming to liberate mobile data market!
Dent Token aiming to liberate mobile data market!

The Dent Token project is based on Dent Wireless Project based in Hong Kong and was founded in 2014. The initial team of the project would like to develop an automated Forex market system with built-in risk management functions. Their mission was tokenising and liberating the mobile data market. They presented Dent Marketplace for allowing tokenisation of telecom assets, buying and selling of mobile data packages, Voice minutes etc. In 2017, the team started to develop different Dent products and services for crypto assets markets.

The Dent Team positioned mobile data as the new commodity and built all their business plans on creating different approaches for reaching mobile data and processing them more efficiently. The Team identified three main megatrends. These are:

  • Liberation of mobile data,
  • Disruption of international roaming, and
  • Facilitation of mobile data purchase.

They projected the Dent Exchange as a horizontal marketplace for trading the mobile data and the Dent token aims to be the world-wide player of this ecosystem. The team also projected the removal of data roaming costs and managing user traffic directly on the internet instead of routing expensive alternatives. Another assumption of the team is increasing penetration of IoTs and automatisation of purchasing data packages more easily with low purchasing prices around the world. By reaching a high-level liberation of mobile data, Dent team aims to convert unused 4,8 billion Dollar per month into usage. With development of Dent user acquisition and enriching domestic offerings via Dent Exchange, they would like to convert Dent Token as a standard instrument for world-wide mobile data exchange. The token was created on Ethereum blockchain and drives Ethereum smart contracts. The smart contracts execute the whole financial transfers of Dent Token and they are driven by the Dent Exchange. Whole system is managed on a blockchain based trading platform. The Dent Token aims to reach all users as token customers who buy and sell data on an international marketplace. Another crucial component of the ecosystem, Dent Exchange, is the main container for the business idea behind. It provides the integration with the third party telcos and the Ethereum blockchain platform. The Dent Team also developed a mobile application which allows users to see quote charts, places basic orders, and controls the current Dent portfolio.          

The market capitalisation of the Dent Token reached 700,1 million Dollar as of 26the of April 2021 with a slight decrease of 6,97%. There are 94,03 billion coins in circulation and the total supply is planned as 100 billion. The coin price is 0,0073 Dollar as of 26th of April. The token is ranked 99th among other tokens and supported by many markets such as Binance, KuCoin, Uniswap, FTX etc. The token is supported by only two wallet brands:Trust Wallet and MetaMask.     

Each new coin in crypto markets opens new insights and puts different perspectives in front of investors. Let’s wait and see which one will be the main player of this limitless investment environment.

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