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CIS Gazette 22/November/2021 A summary of the weeks news & events in the Crypto / Blockchain world



16 - 22 November 2021

Positive News of the Week

21.11.21 L2 ecosystem crosses $5.5B in TVL thanks to Boba network's 570% rise (CIS Sentiment: 90%)

21.11.21 These 3 Recently Released Metaverse Coins Gained Over $100 Million Market Cap in Under 24 Hours (CIS Sentiment: 86%)

19.11.21 Celer’s cBridge Surpasses $1 Billion in Transaction Volume in Four Months (CIS Sentiment: 90%)

19.11.21 Decentraland Price Up 25%, Market Cap About to Surpass the #1 Metaverse Project (CIS Sentiment: 90%)

18.11.21 Music-related NFT project Opulous rises by over 500% in 24 hours (CIS Sentiment: 90%)

18.11.21 ABEYCHAIN Receives Blockchain Of the Year Solution Award, Why It Is One Of The Strongest Players In The Emerging Industry (CIS Sentiment: 90%)

18.11.21 Nvidia Posts 50% YoY Growth in Quarterly Revenues CIS Sentiment: 91%)

18.11.21 Portal and Polygon Enter Strategic Partnership to Boost Bitcoin Usability in DeFi Ecosystem (CIS Sentiment: 93%)

18.11.21 Manta Network Successfully Completes its 3rd Funding Round of the Year at $28.8 Million from Squad Game Event (CIS Sentiment: 92%)

16.11.21 In-game NFTs for fan token holders boost Chiliz (CHZ) by 170% (CIS Sentiment: 92%)

Negative News of the Week

21.11.21 Alabama Securities Regulator Shuts Down 97 Fraudulent Cryptocurrency Trading Websites (CIS Sentiment: -85%)

21.11.21 Hillary Clinton Says Crypto Could Undermine Fiat Currencies and Destabilize Nations (CIS Sentiment: -83%)

20.11.21 Elliptic report: DeFi protocols lost $10.5 billion to hackers in two years (CIS Sentiment: -91%)

20.11.21 Max Keiser talks down on CBDC, says they are worse than fiat (CIS Sentiment: -89%)

19.11.21 New report shows 50% of Uniswap V3 liquidity providers are losing money (CIS Sentiment: -93%)

19.11.21 Crypto exchange Binance lost 3% of its customers due to KYC demands (CIS Sentiment: -95%)

19.11.21 Shiba Inu in danger of ‘topping signal’ as SHIB price loses 50% in 3 weeks (CIS Sentiment: -89%)

19.11.21 12-hour Crypto Roundup: Bitcoin plunges to $55.8K, altcoins bleed in a persistent bear market (CIS Sentiment: -88%)

18.11.21 Traders expect Ethereum price to drop further ahead of Friday’s $550M options expiry (CIS Sentiment: -95%)

19.11.21 Elliptic Estimates $12B Lost to DeFi Exploits (CIS Sentiment: -93%)

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