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CIS Gazette 29/November/2021 A summary of the weeks news & events in the Crypto / Blockchain world



23 - 29 November 2021

Positive News of the Week

29.11.21 Bholdus improves its blockchain with the successful issuance of an NFT (CIS Sentiment: 92%)

28.11.21 This Ethereum L2 rose by 1551%, outperformed Loopring, dYdX, Optimism (CIS Sentiment: 92%)

26.11.21 This altcoin has a decent chance of pumping by 100% in the coming days (CIS Sentiment: 90%)

26.11.21 DeFi Altcoin Project Surges 130% in Seven Days, Far Outperforming Broader Crypto Market (CIS Sentiment: 90%)

26.11.21 This points to a strong likelihood of organic growth-based rally for Loopring (CIS Sentiment: 90%)

25.11.21 Curve rallies by 54%, will continue on a winning streak as long as... (CIS Sentiment: 90%)

25.11.21 Cardano (ADA) pumps up block size by 13% as it proceeds to scaling phase (CIS Sentiment: 91%)

25.11.21 Number of Africa-Based Users on Kucoin Platform Surges by 200% in First 10 Months of 2021 (CIS Sentiment: 92%)

24.11.21 Aave Price Analysis: We expect AAVE/USD to hike to $300 soon (CIS Sentiment: 91%)

23.11.21 Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse says they are making good progress in their legal battle with the SEC. (CIS Sentiment: 91%)

Negative News of the Week

23.11.21 Coinbase NFT: Analyst claims this could hurt 'wildfire NFT adoption' (CIS Sentiment: -94%)

23.11.21 Nigerian Crypto and Blockchain Advocacy Group: Freezing or Closure of Bank Accounts Not Supported by Law (CIS Sentiment: -85%)

24.11.21 Shiba Inu slump continues: Data shows retail interest waning as SHIB down 60% in 4 weeks (CIS Sentiment: -94%)

23.11.21 Monthly NFT Metrics Dive Bomb, NFT Sales Measured in USD Slip 16% (CIS Sentiment: -94%)

25.11.21 Crypto exchange eToro is cutting back on Cardano and TORN offerings for U.S. customers. (CIS Sentiment: -94%)

25.11.21 Cardano’s ADA Plummets 9% amid eToro’s US Delisting Decision (CIS Sentiment: -93%)

28.11.21 Binance Coin Price Analysis: BNB drops 7 percent, higher low swiftly set at $572 (CIS Sentiment: -94%)

28.11.21 Bitcoin AUM falls 9.5% to record largest monthly pullback since July (CIS Sentiment: -90%)

27.11.21 Market Watch: Bitcoin Concludes Its Worst Day Since September (CIS Sentiment: -93%)

27.11.21 Russia’s tax agency’s chief warns that cryptocurrencies could erode tax profits. (CIS Sentiment: -92%)

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