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CIS Gazette 22/August/2022 A summary of the weeks news & events in the Crypto / Blockchain world



16 - 22 AUGUST 2022

Positive News of the Week

22.08.22 Morgan Stanley Analyst Says Crypto Economy’s Liquidity Improved, but There’s ‘No Huge Demand to Re-Leverage’ (CIS Sentiment: 91%)

22.08.22 Crypto Exchange FTX Witnessed Massive 1,000% Surge in Revenue Last Year, According to Leaked Documents: Report (CIS Sentiment: 91%)

22.08.22 ByBit report claims Solana had strong network growth in Q2 on the back of GameFi, DAOs (CIS Sentiment: 92%)

22.08.22 Crypto Exchange FTX Revenue Reportedly Balloons 1,000% To Over $1 Billion In 2021 (CIS Sentiment: 92%)

21.08.22 FTX Increased Revenue By 1,000% in 2021 —And 2022 Looks Even Better (CIS Sentiment: 90%)

17.08.22 Litecoin short term holders take sigh of relief in appreciation of... (CIS Sentiment: 89%)

18.08.22 Review: Nomiswap, The DEX With An Innovative Trading Model And Best Rewards In Crypto (CIS Sentiment: 87%)

18.08.22 Nigeria aims for millions of new eNaira users as it increases features, targets unbanked (CIS Sentiment: 82%)

17.08.22 Current Status: Dogecoin Volatile, EOS Rising 30% (CIS Sentiment: 82%)

Negative News of the Week

22.08.22 Data shows Bitcoin and altcoins at risk of a 20% drop to new yearly lows (CIS Sentiment: -93%)

22.08.22 Digital asset market lost $1B in the week of Aug. 15 (CIS Sentiment: -94%)

22.08.22 Fantom (FTM) Hit By Bearish Sentiment Despite Logging Over 300,000 Active Users (CIS Sentiment: -90%)

22.08.22 BAYC Floor Price Crashes to 67 ETH, Lowest in 8 Months (CIS Sentiment: -9%)

22.08.22 Market Cap Back At $1T After Bitcoin Lost 14% Weekly (Market Watch) (CIS Sentiment: -92%)

22.08.22 GameStop NFT daily fee revenue plunges under $4K as gloom infects markets (CIS Sentiment: -93%)

22.08.22 Brazilian Crypto Investment Platform Bluebenx Backpedals on Hack Reports, States It Was Victim of a Listing Scam (CIS Sentiment: -90%)

21.08.22 Crypto bear market is causing industry-wide workforce reduction (CIS Sentiment: -91%)

21.08.22 Ethereum Plunges 21% In Last 7 Days, Drops Below $1,600 (CIS Sentiment: -92%)

20.08.22 Potential BAYC NFT Liquidations Could Cause An Overall NFT Market Downturn (CIS Sentiment: -93%)

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