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CIS Gazette 28/November/2022 A summary of the weeks news & events in the Crypto / Blockchain world



22 - 28 November 2022

Positive News of the Week

28.11.22 Coinbase: Institutional Investors Increased Allocations During Crypto Winter, Long-Term Price Outlook Positive (CIS Sentiment: 89%)

27.11.22 A Dozen Digital Assets Record Double-Digit Gains as Crypto Markets Begin to Heal After FTX’s Collapse (CIS Sentiment: 81%)

25.11.22 DeFi sparks new investments despite turbulent market: Finance Redefined (CIS Sentiment: 80%)

25.11.22 Huobi Token continues run of strong form, up 64% since bottoming (CIS Sentiment: 91%)

25.11.22 DEXs see increase in trading volume as investors tread carefully around CEXes (CIS Sentiment: 87%)

25.11.22 Bitcoin․com Joins Chainlink BUILD to Boost Adoption of VERSE Ecosystem dApps (CIS Sentiment: 86%)

24.11.22 Orbeon Protocol: The multi-chain decentralized launchpad sees surge in demand for Presale (CIS Sentiment: 90%)

24.11.22 Binance Aims To Cement Its Position With $1 Billion For Distressed Assets (CIS Sentiment: 91%)

23.11.22 Coinbase Custody Adds Support for Nine Ethereum (ETH)-Based Altcoins, Spurring Small Price Jumps (CIS Sentiment: 89%)

Negative News of the Week

28.11.22 Stablecoin Economy Continues to Shrink Shedding Close to 5% in 2 Months  (CIS Sentiment: -94%)

28.11.22 Crypto Lender BlockFi Filing for Bankruptcy and Conducting Major Layoffs as FTX Contagion Claims Another: Source (CIS Sentiment: -87%)

28.11.22 CryptoSlate Daily wMarket Update – Nov. 25-27: Top 10 assets see losses in red market (CIS Sentiment: -92%)

28.11.22 Report: Nigerian Crypto Exchange Quidax Cuts Its Workforce by 20% (CIS Sentiment: -95%)

27.11.22 Charles Hoskinson Says Failed Cardano Stablecoin Project a Total Loss on Investment, ‘Utterly Distasteful’ (CIS Sentiment: -89%)

27.11.22 Analyst Who Nailed May 2022 Bitcoin Crash Forecasts 50% Drop for Two Large Cap Crypto Assets (CIS Sentiment: %-95)

26.11.22 Supply of Tokenized Bitcoin Dropped Significantly Since the Start of the Year (CIS Sentiment: -95%)

25.11.22 South Korean Crypto Exchanges Delist WEMIX — Token Price Plunges by Nearly 70% (CIS Sentiment: -89%)

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